Photos From Past History Books That Would Cause A Stir Today

Believe it or not, history doesn’t only need to be about past conflicts and historical leaders. From women eating 12-foot long pythons to sun tanning treatments for children, take a look at vintage photos that leave historians questioning the past. It’s safe to say sometimes history should not repeat itself.



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Imagine seeing this pair walking down the London streets! Circus performer, Lucia Muller, walked along the sidewalk carrying her sister, Gerda, on her head. Passerbyers couldn’t help but stop and stare, some even took off their hat to truly witness the show.


Gas-Proof Stroller

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In this unsettling picture, a nurse wearing a gas mask is seen pushing a baby in a gas resistant baby carriage meant to protect from air raids during World War Two. The protective pram was an alternative to putting children under the age of two years old in gas masks and was supposed to be as protective as a normal gas mask.


Snacks To Go

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Everyone has a talent and, for this brave individual, it is to be eaten by an elephant. This photo from 1928 shows a man hanging out of an elephant’s mouth. The man doesn’t seem phased or worried about his situation. For those worried about the individual, the elephant was trained not to swallow the man.


Furry Friends

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This photo would definitely create quite a stir nowadays! American silent film actress, Phyllis Gordon, was photographed window shopping while sporting a fox-fur scarf and holding on tight to her ‘pet’ cheetah. According to reports, this cheetah was flown to Britain from Kenya. Keep your friends close, and your furry friends even closer.