Rare Photos That Were Kept Out Of History Books

History is filled with many iconic moments and while history books do a pretty good job at summarizing the main events, there is definitely a lot of missing information. With missing information comes missing photos! Take a look at these rare photos which provide a deeper insight into important historical moments. What’s for sure, you’ll never find these images in your history textbooks.


Touring the West

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Year: 1930

The Padaung, a minority ethnic group from Burma, are recognized for wearing brass coils around their neck. In the 1930s, circus acts became extremely popular in the United Kingdom and the Padaung women, who were advertised as “giraffe women”, became star attractions. Here are Padaung women standing beside a Grenadier guard.


Visiting Vietnam

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Year: 1968

When reviewing the 60’s, history textbooks focus on the United States’ major economic expansion, the rise in income and, of course, the Vietnam War. But, this photo was definitely not included! During the Vietnam War, Hollywood’s hottest starlets were invited to visit Vietnam in order to boost morale. In 1968, Raquel Welch, an American actress, danced on stage in front of soldiers. Let’s be honest, this photo of Raquel Welch could probably even raise the stock market!


Laying in the Lung

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Year: 1955

Between 1933 to 1955, the Iron Lung was used to help treat people with early stages of polio, which was at a high during the ’50s. At the time, doctors noticed that many patients with polio were unable to breathe when the virus paralyzed the muscles in their chest. During the treatment, patients were required to lay flat in the machine for hours at a time. In this photo, a woman is seen peering over at her newborn baby while laying inside the Iron Lung.


Circus Act

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Year: 1891

Many don’t know that circus rose to popularity during the Victorian Era! Victorian period circuses were part of the culture and were the main form of entertainment. The events during this period included Chinese jugglers, clowns, female acrobats, and even child performers. This photo, which was taken in 1891, shows a young girl balancing on another girl while biking on a high-wheel bicycle.